Project - Atlas Stucco

DesignPerfex delivered a professional, user-friendly website for Atlas Stucco, amplifying their digital presence and effectively showcasing their stucco repair and installation expertise.

Atlas Stucco
UI Design, React Development


Atlas Stucco, a leading general contractor in Sacramento specializing in stucco repair and installation, required a website that demonstrated their expertise and commitment to quality.

Our Role:

Our team at DesignPerfex took a dual role in the project, focusing on both design and development. We started by designing a website that embodied the Atlas Stucco brand - professional, experienced, and reliable. We incorporated elements that reflected their proficiency in stucco repair and installation.

The next step involved transforming this design into a fully-functional website. We developed a site that was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and easy to navigate, ensuring that potential customers could easily access the information they needed.


The resulting website serves as a robust digital platform for Atlas Stucco, showcasing their high-quality services and establishing them as leaders in their industry. With a solid online presence, Atlas Stucco can now reach a broader audience and grow their customer base.

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